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  • Hot pressing sintering and reactive sintering silicon carbide ceramic

    1.1 Hot pressing sintering Hot pressing sintering is the sintering of silicon carbide ceramic by applying a certain amount of axial pressure while the SiC is heated and sintered. Hot pressing sintering increases the contact area between SiC particles, reduces the sintering temperature, shortens the sintering time and increases the densification of the sintered body […]

  • ceramic liner

    What Is a Ceramic Liner? Ceramic liner are a type of coating that prevents abrasion and corrosion by providing a hard surface to machine parts, helping protect equipment from damage and reducing downtime. Ceramic liner are widely used in a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation, metal & mining and […]

  • ceramic rubber liner

    Ceramic rubber liner is also known as ceramic rubber pad, is a unique combination of high alumina ceramic and excellent natural rubber. It is used in many industries to improve the service life of equipment. This wear-resistant material can be vulcanized on steel plates, chutes, conveyors, hoppers, or pipes. In addition to improving the impact […]

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